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Guaranteed Test and Tag Service in Melbourne

What is the process of test and tag?

The process of test and tag can be determined as one where the safety of portable electrical appliances is checked. It normally comprises a couple of parts – in the first part there is a visual inspection of the appliance in question. Here the testers see if the device has sustained any damage or not. In this stage the testing professional also checks if said device is missing any component as such. Several tests are also performed in order to determine the levels of earth continuity. After this, they test it electronically with a portable appliance tester. After it has been tested the device is tagged in order to confirm the fact that it has been tested. The tag also shows who has tested it.

This is a generic name as such and the aim here is basically to ensure personal safety as such. It also has a number of other names that it is known locally in Australia by. Those names may be mentioned as below:

  • tagging
  • test tag
  • test and tag
  • electrical tagging
  • appliance testing
  • portable appliance test
  • lead tagging

What makes electrical safety so important?

Electrical risk is a risk to a person of death, shock or other crucial injuries which is one of the most common hazards at workplace. This risk includes contacting with exposed live parts and faults which can cause fire. This risk is generally higher in hostile operating environment a place where electrical appliances ae exposed to operating conditions which are likely to result in damage such as wet or dusty areas (kitchen, warehouse, factory and etc.) As an instance, just in the period of 2002-04 approximately 1,493 people were hospitalized as a result of electrical shock.

How to control this hazard?

To eliminate this electrical hazard we absolutely recommend conducting an Electrical Test and tag on all electrical appliances by one of our experienced and trained technician to make workplaces. This service satisfies the Australian standard which is AS/NZS 3760 in relation to electrical safety of appliances. This service on testing and tagging in Melbourne contains various testing on electrical appliances such as visual inspection, earth bond, insulation and polarity.

What does testing and tagging include?

The testing and tagging under AS/NZS 3760 contains several tests such as visual inspection, polarity check, earth leakage, insulation resistance and earth continuity.

How Victoria Test and Tag technician undertake test in your workplace?

  • Visual inspection- seeking for any physical damages
  • Earth Resistance
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Polarity

What kind of PAT Victoria Test and Tag technicians use to undertake the test?

  • Metrel PAT 3309
  • Zebra portable printer
  • Samsung Android tablet

What equipment should be tested in workplace?

Any electrical appliance that can be connected to a wall socket or a generator should be tested. This can contain monitors, computers, laptop chargers, phone chargers, power board, extension cord and etc.

How to choose a qualified company to undertake Test and Tag?

A qualified company like Victoria Test and Tag uses experienced technicians who make use of certified test and tag equipment in Melbourne while constantly monitoring their performance. In addition, having a sophisticated equipment helps to improve the accuracy of the test and well-designed report. Apart from all, having necessary insurances such as public liability, vehicle insurance and work cover is a key factor in choosing an appropriate company.

How often do workplaces require Test and Tag?

The frequency of Test and Tag depends on the environment which appliances operate. The correct expiry duration of the Test and Tag will defined by our technicians based on the AS/NZ 3760 standard.

What is RCD Testing and Tagging?

RCD is a safety switch to cut electricity in an emergency condition. Victoria Test and Tag technicians are also qualified to Test and Tag RCD’s in workplaces to make sure that your safety switch is working properly. The retest period for RCD is normally 1 year.

Does Victoria Test and Tag remind companies for Test and Tag?

As all the data in regards to clients’ work is saved in our data base, we will notify clients 1 month in prior to the expiry test. So you do not be worry about having in your mind, we will take care of it for you.

Should mobile phone chargers be tested and tagged?

This is also one common question that is asked quite often given the technique or practice itself is supposed to test electronic appliances that are portable. Normally entities that perform these tests do not differentiate as such between equipment that is owned by a company and equipment that is owned personally. Any equipment that is located in a workplace is necessarily the responsibility of the person who owns the business and not the individual who owns the equipment and is working over there. In fact, the same kind of questions is asked about double insulated appliances as well.

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