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Proficient Test and Tag in Schools in Melbourne

Victoria Test and Tag is expert in school test and tag for over 2 years. As we conducted test in several schools in NSW and Victoria, we are experienced in working in schools. We provide best price for schools with special discounts as we know schools have tight budget. We understand the safety concerns that students need and thus pay special attention to ensuring their security and safety.
Victoria Test and Tag technicians are certified base on AS/NZ 3376. They are trained to conduct Test and Tag in schools where they own the best equipment to come up with the best results.

Why should schools need to undertake Test and Tag?

According to the Australian standards AS/NZ 3376 schools need to conduct Test and Tag. Apart from that it must be done due to the children’s safety as schools make use of numerous electrical appliances that can end up being hazardous when not maintained well.

Does it interrupt school staff and student?

As we are flexible to conduct the test in school holidays, after hours and weekends. We work together to minimize the work’ interruption in your school while we ensure that no one is disturbed while we conduct the tests efficiently.

Is it an expensive job?

As we are trying to provide best price in Victoria, you can trust Victoria Test and Tag to have the cheapest company to undertake your test as well as using experienced technician and sophisticated equipment.

How often do schools need to undertake Test and Tag?

It is based on the environment of the school. However, it can vary from 3 month to 5 years. It also depends on the number of electrical appliances it puts to use daily and their age.

Will Victoria Test and Tag remind you for retest?

As we store all the data in our data bases, we will remind you 1 month before expiry of your Test and Tag. You are likely to receive notifications from out end that would help you prepare for the next testing procedures.

What do schools need to do prior to Test and Tag?

Schools should notify their staff about Test and Tag prior conducting the test then Victoria Test and Tag takes care of rest of the job. This makes things easier on our part where there would be no interruption on both ends while we get to work.

Do appliances require to be turned off?

Yes, Test and Tag is conducted while your appliances are off although, the test will not take more than 5 minutes.

Are Victoria Test and Tag technicians insured and trustworthy?

Our technicians are all insured and trustworthy as they have public liability, vehicle insurance and work safe insurance as well as police check, working with children and white card.

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