Microwave Radiation Test

Microwave Tester for Flawless Testing Report in Melbourne

How do Microwave ovens work?

Microwave ovens produce intense microwaves within the cavity of the oven. The microwaves are reflected off the metal interior of the oven and absorbed by water molecules in food. Food is generally warmed up by absorbing the energy that is generated by microwave oven around inside the microwave oven. In other words, water molecules within the food are vibrated by the microwaves and it causes the food to be heated up.

What are the consequences of microwave oven leakage?

High levels of microwave radiations will cause heating can cause serious health effects such as deep tissue burns and hyperthermia.

How to keep Microwave ovens in a safe manner?

The Radiation Health Committee retains the role of setting the allowable limit for microwave oven leakage from microwave ovens which is (50 W/m2 at 0.05m) (5mW/cm2 at 5 cm). It means the microwave radiation leakage from any microwave oven used in a restaurant, a canteen, a hospital, a self-service heating unit, a home, a staff room and the like shall not exceed 5 mill watts per square centimeter at any point 5 centimeters or more from the external surface of the unit. Australian Standard AS/NZ 60335.2.25 : 2011 Australian and New Zealand Standard was issued by “Radiation Health Committee – Radiation Health Series Publication No 17– ARPANSA – Australian Government”. To conduct this standard one of Victoria test and tag qualified surveillance technicians will visit your premises and conduct following tests on your Microwave ovens:


Microwave leakage testing contains measurement of the radiation leakage around the microwave oven to ensure they are below the limits set by The Radiation Health Committee and Australian Standards. Testing by technicians is conducted by using an advanced microwave survey meter calibrated yearly by a NATA recognised laboratory (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency).
NOTE: Small leakage detectors used by a many Electricians and Test Tag companies should not showing an actual leakage and also they cannot be calibrated and do not comply with Australian Standards.


This test contains the performance of the Microwave that will be indicated in Wattage.


The various part of the Microwave is inspected by one of our technician to ensure it is functioning in a safe manner.
The level of radiation for Microwaves, test date and retest date are indicated in the sticker that is attached on the Microwave. If the Microwave leakage exceeds allowable limits, we will inform you by attaching “Danger” tag to notify everyone to not use it anymore. Our recommendation is to replace the unit as soon as possible.

Above all, after completion of the job, being a competent Microwave tester, we will be issuing a comprehensive report for your Microwave which includes radiation level, efficiency, and physical damages for every unit. (Every unit has been labeled with a unique barcode which carries all the information of the unit such as brand, model, serial number and location of unit in your site.

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