Electrical Testing & Tagging appliances
What makes electrical safety so important?

Electrical risk is a risk to a person of death, shock or other crucial injuries which is one of the most common hazards at workplace. This risk includes contacting with exposed live parts and faults which can cause fire. This risk is generally higher in hostile operating environment a place where electrical appliances ae exposed to operating conditions which are likely to result in damage such as wet or dusty areas (kitchen, warehouse, factory and etc.) As an instance, just in the period of 2002-04 approximately 1,493 people were hospitalized as a result of electrical shock.

How to control this hazard?

To eliminate this electrical hazard we absolutely recommend conducting an Electrical Test and tag on all electrical appliances by one of our experienced and trained technician to make workplaces. This service satisfies the Australian standard which is AS/NZS 3760 in relation to electrical safety of appliances. This service contains various testing on electrical appliances such as visual inspection, earth bond, insulation and polarity.

What does testing and tagging include?

The testing and tagging under AS/NZS 3760 contains several tests such as visual inspection, polarity check, earth leakage, insulation resistance and earth continuity.

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