Know the Importance of Smoke Alarm Testing in Workplaces

Have you recently set up a business in the prime location of Melbourne? Or is it running for many years now? No matter what the time span is, you are required to check on the employee safety at the very first place, even before starting to spend on the decoration purposes. It is not only about meeting the Australian fire safety standards, but it is more about your responsibilities as the employer to make sure the employees get a safe and sound environment.

Smoke Alarm & Employee Safety – The Connection


Smoke alarms are undoubtedly the most crucial tool in preventing the unwanted fire-related accidents and ensuring the employee safety. However, without proper maintenance procedure and scheduled check on the functionalities of smoke alarms, it is almost impossible to secure the employee safety.

smoke alarms and employee safety

The smoke alarm is something that does not catch much attention of the office employees, hanging from the ceiling of the property, often unnoticed! The tricky part is you get a sense of relief that the smoke alarm is there and it will ring. However, without the scheduled check, it may go off automatically and cannot ring up in the time of need.

Here are some factors related to smoke alarm testing that you should consider in this case.

What Will Happen Without the Smoke Alarms in Commercial Zones?


smoke alarms not present in commercial zones

  • Firstly, you are most likely to suffer from significant property damage in the case fire breaks in your premises.
  • Secondly, the lives of people working in the company will suffer from a severe injury due to the fire breakage, and if the fire is too severe, their lives can be at stake too.
  • Thirdly, you may lose some employees as they will refuse to work in a condition where there is no security of their lives. It will directly hinder the productivity of your business.

What is the Way Out?


test smoke alarms

Undoubtedly, the most efficient way out in this case will be to get the alarms checked after a particular schedule as a part of the maintenance process. Choose Victoria Test and Tag, as the professional team working there are known to be the best in services of testing and tagging in Melbourne. The skilled team will arrive at your place and check the batteries of the smoke alarms. They will not only finish their job by including a colourful tag on the devices but will also give you a comprehensive report regarding the effectiveness of those alarms.

What Should Be the Frequency of Smoke Alarm Testing?


frequency of smoke alarm testing

Well, it is not that you need to keep a check on the smoke alarms every single day. For workplaces, it is recommended to carry out a professional test and tag checking on the smoke alarms on a monthly basis. Moreover, to make sure the batteries are in full power, you may need to consider carrying out the battery check once in a year.


Keep it in mind that scheduled testing and tagging can ensure the prolonged life of the devices, but that does not mean that you don’t have to change it ever. According to the experts, it is required to change the smoke alarms after every ten years to ensure optimum safety of your premises.

Know the Details and Importance of Testing and Tagging Appliances

The best way to get something done is to begin. The quote stands true for all the cases. Whether someone is buying an old house and getting it re-modified; or a professional electrician is going to get something installed at your place, without ensuring that the present system can withstand the load, the electrical accessories cannot be installed. Therefore, there comes the need for the testing the current electrical system and the attached appliances too.

What is Meant by Test and Tag?


Test and Tag

Test and tag is the name used for checking the safety of the portable electrical devices. The entire process of testing involves two different aspects which are often termed as the “test and tag quote” which is being provided by the electricians at work:

  • The professionals visually inspect the appliance for the presence of any sorts of damage.
  • It is then tested electrically with the help of portable appliance tester.

Once the testing of the electrical equipment has been done, it is then tagged with a tag that denotes “OK TESTED”. This tag bears all the information regarding the person who tested and the time and the date on which the testing has been done.

Reason to Carry out the Testing

The testing of the equipment has been in the recent trend. After several cases of the failure of the appliances and the unwanted hazards, the need for testing has been on the top of the priority list for the electrical companies. The process of testing and tagging equipment is considered safe and usable. The main reason for carrying out the testing of the appliances has been to ensure the safety of the people working with the equipment by averting the risk of the electrical hazards.

Who Needs to Test and Tag?


Who Needs Test and Tag

According to the experts, all the companies need to have their electrical accessories tested after every regular interval of time. Some of the companies that should be carrying out the testing of their electrical equipment are the companies that deal with the construction, mining, and demolition. According to the experts, the testing of the equipment is dependent on the nature of the business or the work field. Also, the proper testing of the types of equipment ensures a better efficiency.

What Types of Equipment are Tested and Tagged?


Equipment for Test and Tag

Not only the proficient electricians but also a person who is competent in testing can be given electrical appliances for testing purpose. According to the experts, any device that has a cord, plug and does not work in low voltage needs testing. The following are the different electrical equipment that is required to have proper testing to ensure security:

  • The earthed appliances like the irons, kettles, etc.
  • The electrical devices that are double insulated like the hand drills or the hair dryers.


It can, therefore, be said that getting electrical appliances properly tested and tagged helps to avert many of the risks or the hazards that are associated with electricity. All you need to do is to go through the website of Victoria Test and Tag and ask test and tag quote to get the best deal. The skill and the technical know-how of testing the electrical accessories keeping in mind the different factors and the parameters governing them stand important.

The 4 Benefits of Getting Appliances Tested and Tagged This Summer

There are several amongst us who think that once we have purchased an electrical appliance for the house, we do not need to think about it anymore. Well, this is a myth that needs to be busted as appliances are machines after all and while it incorporates wires and necessary mechanisms, it can stop functioning or probably start to misbehave with regular usage.

Occasional servicing or probably calling out the experts to test and tag are likely to keep everything on track. A dysfunctional appliance can consume more power, is susceptible to accidents while applying extra pressure on the mechanism and eventually losing out on longevity. When the experts for testing and tagging come over, they are known to make use of special equipment that tests the functionality of the appliance while tagging it for future references.

Tagging includes details of its condition and how safe it is to make use of it in the future. Some feel that this process is time-consuming as well as takes up a lot of money but what they aren’t aware of the benefits it has.

The Power Consumption of the House is Reduced

Reduced Power Consumption

Any appliance that is dysfunctional and hasn’t been checked for its performance and functionality for long can raise the power consumption of the entire building. When you call upon professionals to test and tag all appliances in the house, you get to know the condition of them all and know what steps to take when it comes to using them. The dysfunctional appliances can either be repaired or replaced to bring back normalcy.

You Save Yourself From Accidents

Save Yourself from Accidents

No appliance can go to an extreme level without showing signs of problems. When such signs are ignored, the appliance goes a step ahead of being dysfunctional. When it comes to electricity flow through such appliances, there are higher chances of accidents where there can be short circuits or probably lending electrical shocks that can turn fatal for the body. When there are testing and tagging conducted, you do not have to worry about unforeseen accidents while staying safe at home.

You Save a Lot of Money

Save Money

As discussed; no appliance would stop functioning all of a sudden one fine day. With slow signs and its ignorance, it gives way while completely stopping its functionalities. At such times, you have to either replace the appliance altogether or probably spend a lot of money to repair the same. When your appliance is tested and tagged beforehand, you know its position and condition while making you take necessary steps beforehand rather than spending heaps later.

Your Appliances Receive Better Longevity

Better Longevity for Appliances

When your appliances are tested and tagged, you get to know whether it needs servicing or not. Regular servicing and maintenance is something that is known to increase its longevity while ensuring that you have a functional appliance to make use of and not replace or repair it frequently. When the experts come over for servicing, they are known t check every part associated and accordingly repair or replace the parts that need a check.

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Emergency Exit Light Testing – Why Is It an Absolute Necessity?

What if the light of your workplace suddenly goes off or the entire premise gets filled up with smoke everywhere? The very first thing you are required to do is to get the employees out of place as soon as possible and make sure they are entirely safe. Without proper illumination in such a condition can lead to more significant problems.

Emergency Exit Lights – An Absolute Necessity


Emergency Exit Lights

There is no doubt about the fact that emergency exit lights are considered to be the optimum necessity in any workplace premise. As the name suggests, these lights become the saviour when the power supply is hindered in any way. Well, emergencies will not knock you beforehand. Therefore, you always require remaining prepared with the lighting system as a part of workplace safety.

But, what exactly do you need to do for ensuring the emergency lights are in their best condition at all times? Well, the process is quite simple. You need to call up the reputed professionals associating with the service of test and tag and let them take control of the situation by carrying out the necessary tests.

Check out some of the essentials that you need to know regarding emergency lights and their testing.

Can Anyone Test the Emergency Lights?


Testing Emergency Lights

Well, the answer can be yes depending on a few factors. Firstly you need to know when was the last time you got the lights under the experts’ scanner. Moreover, the age of your battery along with the timeline through which the lights are put in use are the other two considerable factors in this case.

Following the Australian Safety Standard, it can be said that emergency lights should be tested after six months and with the battery power supply, it can keep on illuminated for 90 minutes. For self-testing, you can try and keep it on for 90 minutes and check whether any problem is occurring or not.

You can also use the ‘push to test’ button attached to most of these light fixtures.

In the case, you find some noticeable problems during the self-testing, waste no time in seeking the professional help and understand whether you need to replace it instantly or not.

How the Professional Testing of Emergency Exit Lights Go?

Professional testing is not limited to the simplicity of self-testing. Instead, the experts try to find out whether any underlying issues are there or not that can hinder the work.

Professional Testing of Emergency Exit Lights

The process Victoria Test & Tag experts follow apart from the 90-minute illumination testing is:

  • Inspection of light diffusers.
  • Thorough checking of the bulb condition.
  • Carry out circuit breaker testing along with the manual one.
  • Checking the battery condition and suggesting advice to replace.
  • Inspecting whether the exit light placement and usage are catering to the Australian safety standard or not.
  • Checking whether the bulbs are appropriate for maximum illumination or not.
  • The experts document all the details about the testing in the maintenance logbook that serves as a reminder for you.


Remember that just getting all the components of emergency exit lights checked is not the all you can do. In the case, you fail to maintain the safety standards, be prepared to invest on the electrician for necessary replacement following the advice and testing reports provided by the testing and tagging experts.

Ensure Safety at Your Office with Amazing Discounts on this New Year!

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when you’re decorating your office premises. However, you also have to be mindful of the potential electrical dangers which could ruin all the fun and even endanger someone’s life. To ensure safety at your workplace, Victoria Test and Tag presents you a fantastic New Year offer as a gift for possible electrical safety.

Amidst all the winding up at work, the company believes that safety is something which can never be compromised and you (or anyone for that matter) should always stay alert for any incidents.

What’s That Awesome Offer?


Offer by Victoria Test and Tag

As per official news, ‘The Company is Readily Offering You a Minimum of 30 Comprehensive Test and Tag Services for Each Site, With Each Tag Being Around AUD 2.95.’

In each of the tags, the company name and logo will be present along with scan codes for maintenance and record tracking services.

What does that mean? It means that regardless of a power surge, plug-in handling or ill-conditioned circuits, you will have that scope of getting in-depth inspections for all your conventional office equipment. And the best thing is that, with 30 tests and tags included (as a minimum), you don’t have to worry about incurring extra expenses from your pockets.

How Can You Fully Benefit From This Exciting Offer?

In numerous ways! Here’s pointing out a few.

You Can Stay Up-to-Date with all your Safety strategies

It is mandatory as per Australian Standards of 3760: 2010. Testing and Tagging are pivotal for all workplaces especially since electricity accounts for over 80% deaths (either in direct contact or getting exposed to during installation of electrical appliances).

Stay Up-To-Date With Safety Strategies

Checking the Proficiency of Tripping Mechanisms

Electrical systems should never be taken for granted. Its most significant vulnerabilities lie in its sudden power surges. To safeguard it, you often think of installing a surge protector along with a safety switch also known as RCD or Residual Current Device. With this fantastic offer, you can get a complete RCD test and know how electrically safe your set-up is.

Tripping Mechanisms

You Know Which Equipment to Keep and Which One to Put Away

Experts from Victoria Test and Tag will carry out a visual inspection at first and follow it up with a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) to check your equipment’s insulations, leakages, earthing, polarity and many more aspects.

Portable Appliance Test

Depending on their tests, these experts will place a tag consisting of a barcode stating if it is safe or not. With these tags, you will know which ones should keep around and which ones should be kept away.

Lastly, you upkeep the safety of all your co-workers and ensure the company doesn’t come under audits of 3rd party investigators.

The offer exists on the official website and with the kind of scope it presents; you have every reason to contact the agency ASAP!

Comprehensive 101 on the Importance of Test and Tag!

There are some electrical contraptions which require regular testing owing to their class of operation. Testing and tagging is one method which helps inspectors to determine if the flex connections, guards, plugs and covers are in proper working condition.

What’s The Purpose of Testing and Tagging?

With the help of testing and tagging, competent technicians ensure that all electrical apparatuses are in compliance with Australian WHS Electric and workplace safety. Common tools namely kettles and power tools come under extensive use by workers.

Purpose of Testing and Tagging

Another way of putting it would be these tools mostly come under the abuse and hostility of the working environment. This can sometimes disrupt their overall functionality and make it unsafe for usage. That is why not just in Australia, but in other territories too, you will find testing and tagging done on a consistent basis as it is a legitimate workplace requirement.

What Are The Probable Appliances Which Needs To Be Tested and Tagged?

The simplest way to answer this would be anything which comes with a cable wire, has a detachable plug and whose voltage limit doesn’t exceed 50V. Furthermore, extension leads of tools, easily portable RCDs and also sets of cords also feature in the tools which need testing and tagging.

Individuals who carry out test and tag procedures are known as ‘competent technicians’ and they usually categories electric appliances by Class I and Class II.

  • In The First Class, You Will Find Items Namely Irons, Toasters, Kettles or Similar Spec Products.
  • The Second Class, The Items Which You Will Find Includes Dual Insulated Equipment, Hair Dryers, Electrical Drilling Tools And Again Similar Looking Spec Equipment.

Some Compelling Stats Which Show why Testing and Tagging is Mandatory:

Consequences of Not Testing and Tagging Electrical Appliances

According to AS/NZS 3760:2010, testing and tagging is highly necessary. Over the span of 1 ½ years, there have been numberless accidents reported; all caused due to electrical appliances. Here’s a few for you to look at.

  • As Per Fatal Electrical Accidents Resulting, 10 of Them Tool Place Due to Appliances While 8 of Them Took Place Because of Power Lines.
  • Around 40% of Electrical Equipment Installation instances Took Place, and Over 22% of Them Were Due to Lack of Maintaining Electric Tools.
  • Over This Timeline, Around 125 Electrical Misfortunes Took Place, And it Caused Death of 135 People.

These statistics are compelling and does give you a clear idea as to why these inspections are essential.

How Frequently Should Testing and Tagging be done?

Again this is an important aspect which you should be familiar with. As per AS/NZS regulations, the timeline for testing and tagging should be between 3 months to 5 years.

Testing and Tagging Frequencies

Breaking it down for you further!

  • 3 – 6 Months for Building Site Tools, Machines For Hire, Cleaning Equipment Or Other Factory Machinery.
  • 1 – 2 Years for Tools Used In Gyms, Public Rest Houses, Schools/Colleges, Residential Apartments.
  • 3 – 5 Years for Large Scale Business Establishments and Highly Safeguarded Machines.

Hopefully, now you are aware of what testing and tagging mean and why they serve so much importance for up-keeping workplace safety. So, if you run a workplace in Melbourne and suspect some machines could need testing, contact reliable service providers immediately.

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